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(A) the qualification requirements

      Require franchisees to have a scientific marketing concepts and marketing strategies, so we will be careful selection of every franchisee, fine selection of real desire for the development of powerful investors and operators who seek to cooperate with you successfully towards success, also ensures that every consumer can enjoy our country one of the excellent quality and professional services.   If you and we also have more consensus, we sincerely welcome you as our franchisees in a team.
      1, with independent legal qualification of the legal or natural persons;
      2, we recognize and accept the concept of corporate culture, distribution franchise model and operating specifications;
     3, with huge investment in strength and spread the passion of our culture;         
      4 with retail operations experience and brand management awareness and acceptance of our management;
  5, with rational investment mentality and ability to take risks, be able to objectively look at the relationship between investment and return;
   6, the appliance industry has a certain understanding of the best resources in the local community has some;
      7, with the premises meet the requirements to join.

(B) forms of cooperation

     Forms of cooperation that specific mode of operation of bilateral cooperation, including ways to use the brand, marketing, profitable way, the two sides reached a community of interests through cooperation, to promote "win-win" situation.
  Brand joined to form the two sides to cooperate in providing products manufactured at our headquarters and marketing guidance, join the party in the form of physical stores sell our products. In general, under the framework of cooperation, we will be the headquarters for product design and production, event planning, information management and technical training, management and other specific functions.

(C) Cooperation Process

     To ensure that manufacturers and franchisees' interests are well protected, we formulate and implement sound scientific join the cooperation process in ensuring the strength of the two sides against each other, ideas and fully understand the progress of the preparations on the basis of joining procedures are performed transparently and ensure that both the interests protected by law. Prior to joining the front and rear, our head office will work with you through every process to ensure that you get the best support.
  Process: Process: Intention Communication initial consultation, to submit a written application to join expedition Information bi signed an agreement to pay the initial fee Start store design, sample design manufacture and installation of construction pre-opening training before opening the headquarters regularly with guidance to assist into operational guidance and support.


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